Verbena A fast-growing, drought-toelrant plant with an exceptionally long bloom period. Flowers come in peach, orange, yellow, white, purple, red and bicolors. Deadheading once or twice during the season will revive flowering. Several forms are available; use the trailing or moss types as a colorful, heat-tolerant groundcover or for cascading over a retaining wall. Plant in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. Short-lived; often treated as an annual. USDA Hardiness Zones: 7 to 10

Tulip ‘Ice Cream’ – Bulb Tulipa\u00a0\u00a0 New! This magnificent tulip definitely lives up to its name, as when in bloom it looks just like a delicious ice-cream – it looks almost good enough to eat. The outer deep-pink petals open to reveal the inner soft-white petals that are formed closely together. The large peony shaped flowers are also attractive as cut flowers.